Currently Obsessed With: Sporty Skirt Sets

Hey, bui (bro in Bahamian)! 🇧🇸

All of first, I missed the blog while I was away, but I had a wonderful time overseas for my Sorority Sister's wedding and coincidentally my 27th birthday!🎈 Naturally, I had to hit the streets one time and I've found the most perfect fit for a vacay stroll: the sporty skirt set. Keep scrolling, bbs! 


Let it be known that while it was beautiful, it was HOT AF in the Bahamas.😅 To keep cool and cute when you're traveling anywhere tropical, opt for skirt sets and looser bottoms to maintain optimum breezy and cozy levels. This Zendaya Edit Sports Stripe Set from Boohoo caught my eye recently and the price tag (now $23!!) made life even better. 


Balancing this look was easy. When it doubt–– add your freshest kicks.👟 I got these icy crisp Stan Smith's for Christmas and going somewhere sunny was the perfect occasion for finally breaking them in. 👌🏾 On top of being waaaay vibey on some Sporty Spice ish, the a sporty skirt set is functional and allows for walking distances without major wardrobe restrictions.

THE DEETS:  Zendaya Edit Sports Stripe Set -   Boohoo  ; Stan Smith Shoes -   adidas  ; Round Sunglasses -   RayBan

THE DEETS: Zendaya Edit Sports Stripe Set - Boohoo; Stan Smith Shoes - adidas; Round Sunglasses - RayBan

Wanna slip into the sporty vibe? Add these pieces to cart RN:

For Date Night: sauce it up in a lacey bodysuit and sport tube skirt combo he'll love. 
Going Somewhere Beachy? Slide into this zipper-top mint set.  
Just tryna turn they necks one time? Channel Yeezy Season 7 vibes in this baby blue look

Glow Provided By: God and  Equate Coconut Oil Body Gel   

Glow Provided By: God and Equate Coconut Oil Body Gel  


Soooo... surprise! The Bahamas wasn't my last trip for the season. In fact, it was far from it. I'll be hopping over the Gulf of Mexico to to Carribbean one more time in a few weeks. In the meantime, I'll be cooking up new lewks that I can't wait to share.

See you soon, sis!