Fall Fashion Fixation: Leather and Suede

Happy Fall, Y'all! 🍂

I know it's been a minute, but I've been cooking up some looks for entering the fall season flawlessly for ya. And OMG l👀k! Here's one now! When the temperatures drop, it's crucial to execute an ensemble that not only serves all the cool vibes but can also keep you warm without compromising on cuteness. With that being said, allow me to make the case for my new fave fall combo: leather and suede. 


If you cop nothing else for the fall–– get you a leather jacket. In addition to allowing you to channel your inner badass, a leather jacket is an icy way to keep a formal look casual enough to wear pretty much anywhere.😎 I got this lil piece from Sorella and you best believe it's sure to make a few appearances on le blog in the months to come.  

THE DEETS:  Biker Jacket* -   Sorella  ; Konnie Lilac Faux Suede Bandeau Bodycon Dress -   PrettyLittleThing  ; Gaze Booties* -   Steve Madden      *similar style, same brand

THE DEETS: Biker Jacket* - Sorella; Konnie Lilac Faux Suede Bandeau Bodycon Dress - PrettyLittleThing; Gaze Booties* - Steve Madden 
*similar style, same brand

Celebrate suede szn with an edgy alternative to the fabric's typical garment options. While blue suede shoes may be an iconic style staple, the fabric is having a major fashion moment that begs for you to flaunt it in a few different ways. Not sure how to keep it saucy in the suede? Keep scrolling for a few tips, bae!

This lilac thoooo

This lilac thoooo


Make it look sexy with a few of my favorite faux suede selections: 

Get Outta My Lace Skirt - Naked Wardrobe - $15
Faux Suede Top with Gems - ZARA - $40
In Control Faux Suede Bandeau - AKIRA - $29
In Control Faux Suede Leggings - AKIRA - $37
Vanna Cozy Vegan Suede Vest - A'Gaci - $28

Jacket got me feelin' like the black female Fonz too tough

Jacket got me feelin' like the black female Fonz too tough

If you're still unsure of how to layer on a lil leather and suede, lemme hit you with a few tips:
1. Go for color
.🌈 Fall and winter already have enough dark hues in play, so opt for a suede piece with some vibrance to it. Don't be afraid to break the rules of the season and embrace a pastel or technicolor vibe. 
2. Get girly.💁🏾 Gender norms aside, adding a more feminine suede piece to your look allows for you to balance the sexy with a lil sass when selecting your accompanying leather jacket or coat. Pick tings with a subtle snuggle factor to ensure you can still flaunt your assets in the colder weather.  
3. Keep it faux. Animals are cute and they don't deserve to be your outfit. When shopping suede, keep it in the faux department and look for pieces with a realistic feel and look.
4. Double up.✌🏾 Pile on the textures with a few different suede or leather pieces incorporated into your ensemble. Match a leather jacket with a leather clutch or pair your suede pieces with some matching booties.  


Stunt in suede all season long with pro tips that won't let you down. I'm making my way to Austin City Limits Festival this Friday and you already know a lewk will be served. Be sure to hop back on le blog this weekend to see how me and my baddies snatch souls Zilker Park!

BRB bae 💋