Get The Look: Sparkly Set Season

Happy New Year, y’all! 🥳

It’s officially 2019 and I’m recharged and rededicated to killing all my goals and securing several bags in the next 363 days.🤞🏾 If I’m being honest, 2018 was a weird year for me. While I found success in my influencer world, my personal life was truly going through some thangs.😅 But I’m back and I’m better now, and I’m making a resolution to never stop my shine again. Start your year with a lil light and scroll to shop a trending style you need now and all year round: the sparkly set.👇🏾


Who says shimmer, sequins and shine were only for the holiday season? I’m here to encourage you to incorporate something ✨glitzy✨ into your wardrobe whenever possible, regardless of what the calendar says. For this illuminating number, I tapped favorite e-retail destination, Naked Wardrobe to ensure I found something that fits right, sits tight and looks bright. 🤩

Don’t be fooled by the glare, this set is great for mixing and matching with other, muted pieces to tone down the vibrance just a bit. In addition to a nice $40 price tag, this set is made with super stretchy material to fit all your curves and flatter your waistline.

THE DEETS:  Sequin Set -   Naked Wardrobe   ;  Strappy Sandals -   Steve Madden   ;  Uncensored Stunna Lip Paint -     Fenty Beauty at Sephora   ;  Cat Eye Sunglasses -   Attention Frames      *similar style

THE DEETS: Sequin Set - Naked Wardrobe; Strappy Sandals - Steve Madden; Uncensored Stunna Lip Paint - Fenty Beauty at Sephora; Cat Eye Sunglasses - Attention Frames
*similar style

Although this particular set is sold out on the NW site (lame, I know), I’ve scooped up several other options that provide the same megawatt💡 payoff and sexy fit. Check out these bomb sets that deserve some wear long after just the holiday season.

Shine all 2019 (or at least through winter) in these bomb sets and separates from Naked Wardrobe.
• Holibae Metallic Jumpsuit - $48 - SHOP
• Sweet and Satin Set - $52 - SHOP
• Diamond in The Rough Jumpsuit - $48 - SHOP
• The Sequined Blazer Dress - $68 - SHOP


Since we’ve been blessed enough to embark on a new year together, I want to leave you loves with some words of affirmation and manifestation to ensure that 2019 is your year. For the next year and beyond, remember these 3️⃣ truths and hold them close.

1. No one is you and that is your power. 👑Never, under any circumstances, allow for anyone or anything to shrink you or make you question your invaluable worth. If someone tries you, @ me so we can handle it together, sis!
2. Embrace the unexpected. 🔮 For those like me who are Tauruses or just Type A people, not having control over absolutely everything is the literal worst and a huge source of stress. Don’t trip. This universe is massive and some things will just happen. Allow space for those things in your heart, life and mind when they pop up. Because truss mi, they will.
3. Go get it. 👏🏾 Whatever “it” is, it’s yours for the taking. Travel more, open up to someone special, cash more checks, start a new career, whatever. If you’ve been looking for a sign or permission to get started, this is it. You got this, boo!


Here’s to a new year with endless possibilities!🥂 My wish for you is to live your life to the fullest and brightest potential, whether through style, life choices or otherwise. I’ve got some huge plans for the blog coming in 2019 and I can’t wait to share them with you. But before we get started, I want to truly thank you so much for going on this crazy ride with me.🙏🏾❤️ Let’s keep it going!

cheers boo!


©️ Photos by Kierra Dotson