Fashion Must Have: The Neon Swimsuit

Hello again babes!🧚🏾‍♀️

I’m currently struggling over what to pack for my birthday trip to Los Angeles🌆 and I’ve decided to procrastinate a little longer with a fresh new blog post.😅 Before I take flight to the West Coast literally tomorrow, I’m throwing it back to this lil look from my recent trip to Cancün, MX.🇲🇽 Before you scroll any further, find the nearest pair of sunnies🕶 and proceed with ⚠️caution. Today’s post is all about a fashionable must have that popped up this winter and has proven to be here to stay through the hottest summer months: neon swimsuits.


Surprise surprise, I’m still on the pink wave.🤷🏾‍♀️ But I can’t lie, the hue is just so dang perfect on any skin tone it’s too good not to wear.💗 You might have seen neon pieces popping up in recent months, with a particular moment happening all winter season. And let’s be clear, neons aren’t just for your highlighters anymore. Blinding pinks, Young Thug-approved slime greens🐍, and caution oranges have been trending for a lil minute, and let me just say I’m all the way here for it.

THE DEETS : Neon High Cut Bikini* -   Sorella Boutique  ; Round Metal Sunglasses -     Ray-Ban  ; Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y -   Fenty Beauty     *similar style same brand

THE DEETS: Neon High Cut Bikini* - Sorella Boutique; Round Metal Sunglasses - Ray-Ban; Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y - Fenty Beauty
*similar style same brand

I’m actually gonna be late to check-in for my flight tomorrow if I keep playin’ with y’all so lemme get right to it. There are three major reasons why you should invest in one (or several, TBH) neon bikinis and one-piece suits this summer. If you’re still undecided by the time I get to #3, I just don’t know what to tell you, sis!

1. It’s a sure-fire way to get attention.👀
This one kinda goes without saying. But if you’re in the mood for breaking necks and snatching souls on the beach or at the pool parties in the months to come, picking a bright bikini is a must. Regardless of your other accessories you may choose to pair with your bathing suit, the neon is an accent color, a statement piece and a eye-catcher all in one. So basically, your bikini is introducing you before you even speak. And lemme tell you, boo, we see you!

2. It’s naturally contrasting. ⚖️Obvi, no one’s skin is at an ultraviolet level. Neon swim suits are the perfect way to play off of and accentuate your natural, beautiful skin tone. From the fairest shades to the richest melanin, neons provide a lovely contrast that’s naturally pleasing to the eye without ever washing you out, regardless of if you’ve gotten a tan recently or not.

3. It’s poppin’! 💥 If you don’t believe me, check your Insta feed RN. I promise you your fave influencers, celebrities and likely even members of your own squad have let their colors shine bright as of late. I’m not usually one for the super-trendy, but the neon wave is definitely one worth riding until it’s over (which doesn’t look like it’ll be any time soon).


Alright alright alright! Y’all ready to fill that shopping cart? While my pictured swimsuit from Sorella Boutique is currently sold out, I still got you. Get started with some of my current fave ultrabright neon swim options and plan a vacation to stunt immediately.

• Neon Crinkle Plunge Swimsuit - $40 - SHOP
•  Neon Eyelet Plunge Swimsuit - $44 - SHOP
•  Neon Knot Front High Waisted Bikini - $19 - SHOP
• Neon One Shoulder Bikini - $36 - SHOP


Sit tight! I’m coming in hot🔥 with tons of LA lewks and a very special and very Texan birthday shoot that you won’t want to miss in the next few days! Until then, happy shopping, bbs!

love you mean it,