Snag The Style: The Striped Bodysuit

Happy Earth Day, bellas! 🌍🌷

I’ve officially made 28 solar returns and I am so grateful that my birthday🎂 also falls on one of my favorite days of the year. For my birthday shoot, I decided to connect with my inner bull (shoutout Taurus gang!) and wear something cute in a beautiful place. I settled on this dreamy field of bluebonnets and staying cozy in my new fave essential: the striped bodysuit.


For today’s blog post, I’m doing something a bit different‼️ Instead of mostly focusing on my outfit, I’ll be sharing some reflections about this past year of my life and how I hope to grow from those experiences in my future, in my style choices and on the blog!🔑 To keep this mobile-reading friendly, and because I know y’all stay on the go getting that money, I’m sharing some pro-tips about how to handle whatever next chapter of your life may be like a boss.

THE DEETS:  V-neck Bodysuit Jersey -   H&M  ; Cuffed Denim Shorts -   Forever21  ; Chuck Taylor Low Tops -   Converse   ; Convertor Backpack -  Coach;  Round Metal Sunglasses -   Ray-Ban   *similar style same brand

THE DEETS: V-neck Bodysuit Jersey - H&M; Cuffed Denim Shorts - Forever21; Chuck Taylor Low Tops - Converse ; Convertor Backpack - Coach; Round Metal Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
*similar style same brand

In both life and fashion, I’ve learned a few new gems about how to handle myself, how to handle others and how to handle my energy with finesse. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Being unapologetic is self-care.🤷🏾‍♀️ This one is big for me. Over the last year, I’ve felt a new and weird sense of shame or shyness about showing my body and stunting like I deserve to, but I’m thru with alladat. Whether you’re reaching into your closet or you’re headed out to face a new day, never apologize for your beauty and your presence, no matter how bold it may be or how uncomfortable it may make other people. Shine, sis!

2. Investing is key. 💯As I get older, I’ve come to appreciate and realize the importance of saving up to buy quality pieces, home goods, skincare and beauty products and other lifestyle essentials. If you’re only wearing or shopping the latest trends and not investing in both your own worth and items with true appreciation value, you’re doing fashion and yourself a disservice. Build discipline by saving for your first or next designer bag. The reward is beyond just the label, it’s the persistence that takes you further!

3. Relax and keep it cozy.🐻 Chile if it’s one thing you take away from my reflections, it’s not to take yourself or this life too seriously! Remember that life is an experience and every moment is a lesson. Buy something with a stretchy waistband and stock up on roomy boyfriend tees. You deserve to live life at the utmost comfort. Also, we all know cozy girls are the happiest.


Aside from always being a reliable go-to wardrobe staple, the bodysuit is a versatile item that fits almost any occasion. Worried about a bold pattern? Don’t, boo!💁🏾‍♀️ Vertical stripes help to elongate your figure, flatter your mid-section and make you look thinner. Check out these affordable striped bodysuits to make room for in your dresser stat. 👌🏾

•H&M Striped Bodysuit - $13 - SHOP
• Boohoo Stripe Floral Mix Wrap Bodysuit - $30 - SHOP
• PLT Brown Stripe Button Up Bodysuit - $28 - SHOP
• PLT Stripe Plunge Bodysuit - $24 - SHOP


Alright bbs, I’m off to enjoy the rest of today, but I promise I’ll be back on the blog too soon to share some moments and a v classy spring lewk from my birthday trip to LA this past weekend! Sit tight!💋

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©️ Photos by Aubre Salas