Spring Style Staples: The Floral Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Happy Taurus Season, babies! ♉️🌸

As promised, i’m back on le blog to share a little more about my recent trip to Los Angeles🌴 for my birthday! Among many of the chill and absolutely beautiful things me and my friends did while in SoCal, my top favorite moment was enjoying my birthday lunch seaside🌊 in my new favorite thing: the floral long sleeve mini dress.


In case you weren’t clued into the Paige Tea, I’m a huge fan of sushi.🍣 So when I started planning my trip to L.A., I knew that a bomb sushi experience had to be somewhere in the itinerary. Of course, I picked up the phone and made a reservation to the iconic Nobu Malibu🥢 and let me tell you–– it definitely lives up to the hype. If you’re familiar bars from the legend known as Future Hendrix…

“Chicken wings and fries we don’t go on dates

Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu

I just threw a private dinner in L.A.”

—Jumpman with Drake, What A Time To Be Alive (2015)

…or the lyrics from now 🦉Aubrey Graham-featured classic bop…

If you a player in the game, this should hold you

And man shout my n*gga Game he just rolled through

Eatin’ crab out in Malibu at Nobu

—Who Do You Love? feat. Drake, My Krazy Life (2014)

…then you should know that if rappers think a restaurant is fire, it is.💯 I couldn’t just step up in one of the most acclaimed and celebrity-loved eateries on the West Coast looking any kinda way. But I also wasn’t tryna spend a ridiculous amount on a dress for lunch.🤷🏾‍♀️ Cue ASOS for the pretty little dresses that look luxurious for the low.

THE DEETS:  Long Sleeve Mini Wrap Dress -   ASOS  ; Strappy Block Heel Sandals -   Steve Madden  ; Round Metal Sunglasses -   Ray-Ban  ; Ellie Gold Stud Earrings -   Kendra  Scott  ; Leather Pouch Clutch -   Madewel l   

THE DEETS: Long Sleeve Mini Wrap Dress - ASOS; Strappy Block Heel Sandals - Steve Madden; Round Metal Sunglasses - Ray-Ban; Ellie Gold Stud Earrings - Kendra  Scott; Leather Pouch Clutch - Madewell 

I adored wearing this dress to lunch! In addition to having a slight gathered cinching at the waist which hides all your future food babies, the dress is made of a super breezy polyester that looks expensive without the extra price tag strings attached.👌🏾 Be warned, this mini dress is v mini, indeed LOL. I would recommend slipping on some shapewear when you wear this pretty number if you’re the type of girl like me who appreciates a lil more discreet coverage. Overall, this is the perfect go-to for any upcoming spring weddings, semi-formal gatherings, and garden parties that may be in your planner. Trusss mi. 😉

LMAO can you tell this was 3 cocktails in? My      Glam Hair Only      bundles still looking lovely tho!

LMAO can you tell this was 3 cocktails in? My Glam Hair Only bundles still looking lovely tho!

We’re gonna skip the long talk and get straight to the shopping goods like I know y’all like. Although my ASOS dress is currently on sale ( ) and also available in US sizes 2-12, it may not be your absolute fave, and that’s OK! I’ve pulled a few other mini wrap dress styles from ASOS that will look good on you too, boo!

•  Unique 21 Leopard Print Wrap Dress -$30 - SHOP
•  ASOS DESIGN Mini Plisse Wrap Dress with Lace Trim - $40 - SHOP
•  Unique 21 Scarf Print Wrap Dress - $30 - SHOP
•  ASOS DESIGN Bamboo Print Velvet Mini Wrap Dress - $50 - SHOP
• ASOS DESIGN Wrap Front Mini Smock Dress - $32 - SHOP


If you’re still undecided on picking this piece or similar style up, let me add that ASOS is currently having a ridiculous sale. The outlet is practically giving away spring dresses at 60% off, so hurry up, sis! Also, as always, college students enjoy an additional 10% discount on everything! Alright now boo don’t make me beg. Go treat yourself to a lil shopping spree!

I’ll be back around quick, quick! In the meantime, you’re amazing and your skin definitely looks clearer since the last time we chatted! I see you girl! 😚💕

love you mean it